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Burly Guard is a fictional character from the movie "Killer's Bodyguard". Burly Guard is played by Ilian Emanviov. Burly Guard is Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller character of the movie Killer's Bodyguard.
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September 05, 2021

Burly Guard In "Killer's Bodyguard"

Burly Guard is a fictional person from the films, Killer's Bodyguard. Burly Guard is played by using Ilian Emanviov.

What is 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' approximately?

The film is set a bodyguard, Michael Bryce, who is compelled into transporting the world's slickest and deadliest assassin, Darius Kincaid, to an global crook court within time for him to testify towards a ruthless foreign dictator, however the pair face will have to battle their manner through a apparently countless onslaught of hitmen to get there.

Is there a sequel?

Yes. A sequel, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021), is currently within production.

Ilian Emanviov Net Worth as Burly Guard

Ilian Emanviov predicted Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Ilian Emanviov after played as Burly Guard.

Ilian Emanviov's net worth of taking part in Killer's Bodyguard is $42K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is Ilian Emanviov.

Killer's Bodyguard STORY

With his reputation in tatters after the painfully unsuccessful delivery of a distinguished Japanese client, the former triple-A protection agent, Michael Bryce, is now reduced to a mere second-class bodyguard for hire, two years after the disgraceful incident. Under those circumstances, Bryce would do anything to prove his worth, and, before long, he accepts an offer from Interpol to escort the international assassin, Darius Kincaid, from Manchester to the Hague. The task seems simple: Bryce needs to transport him from point A to point B; nevertheless, the trip to the Netherlands is long and hazardous, and Kincaid--as the only one with the guts and enough hard evidence to testify against a tyrannical Belarusian dictator--is an obvious target. Undoubtedly, it's a tough job, as the mismatched duo will have to put aside their grudges, and race against the clock in a non-stop concerto for bullets. Can the hitman's bodyguard carry through the most important mission in his career?

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