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Charlotte is a fictional character from the movie "The Troll of Bell Lake". Charlotte is played by Anna Cummer. Charlotte is Animation character of the movie The Troll of Bell Lake. Charlotte has appeared in 2 episodes of the series " The Troll of Bell Lake".
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May 05, 2022

Charlotte In "The Troll of Bell Lake"

Charlotte is a fictional person from the movies, The Troll of Bell Lake. Charlotte is played by means of Anna Cummer.

Anna Cummer Net Worth as Charlotte

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Anna Cummer's salary of participating in The Troll of Bell Lake is $73.6K .

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The Troll of Bell Lake STORY

A teenager and her kid sister are uprooted from the city to spend their summer in the Rocky Mountains near their mother's worksite. There they discover a mythical "North American Troll" trapped in an old mining camp.