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Dorothy is a fictional character from the movie "Badende Venus". Dorothy is played by Dorothy Ford. Dorothy is Comedy, Musical, Romance character of the movie Badende Venus. Dorothy has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " Badende Venus".
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August 30, 2022

Dorothy In "Badende Venus"

Dorothy is a fictional person from the films, Badende Venus. Dorothy is performed with the aid of Dorothy Ford.

Dorothy Ford Net Worth as Dorothy

Dorothy Ford expected Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Dorothy Ford after performed as Dorothy.

Dorothy Ford's net worth of participating within Badende Venus is $35.3K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways rich is Dorothy Ford.

Badende Venus STORY

Songwriter Steve Elliott is about to marry Caroline Brooks. A strange woman who's been paid by Steve's agent to say she's his wife interrupts the ceremony. An angry Caroline gets her old job back teaching at a girl's college. Determined to win her back, Steve enrolls in the school to become its only male student.