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Druid is a fictional character from the movie "Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers". Druid is played by Fred Wood. Druid is Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi character of the movie Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers.
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Druid In "Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers"

Druid is a fictional character from the films, Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers. Druid is performed with the aid of Fred Wood.

Why does the person Zorii never get rid of her helmet?

Because film director J. J. Abrams made an excellent deal with the actress, whom he had labored with within preceding projects, to be within the movie as little as viable. As confirmed within the Red Letter Media evaluate.

How did Palpatine construct lots and lots of massive battleships, and recruit millions of soldiers with out a single character understanding?

Palpatine used assets on Exegol and other elements of the unknown region. Exegol and it is surrounding system are almost not possible to locate without a Sith Wayfinder. So no one could stumble across the machine. Also the inhabitants of Exegol were Sith loyalists. They had been all absolutely and blindly committed to the Sith empire. They have been who made up the Sith Fleet. It's viable a fair wide variety of clones had been used as nicely.

How can the team fall via quicksand and come to be falling into a cave? Shouldn't the sand fall through the cave as well?

The Sinking Sand was above a sinkhole.

How can Rey all at once learn how to force heal at the same time as Darth Vader, being sturdy inside the force and with a few years of training, can not do it?

Rey studied it in the sacred Jedi texts. There's not anything to signify that Vader did not realize the way to do it. But giving life pressure to heal another residing being goes towards the ideology of the Sith. Vader was more inquisitive about taking lives.

In "The Last Jedi" Kylo Ren destroyed his mask because he no longer wanted to be a "Darth Vader" copy, however how come he wears the helmet again on this movie?

Kylo Ren destroyed his helmet because Snoke ridiculed him for being a "worried boy within a mask". Ren had no realistic use for the mask aside from to look cool and horrifying. He changed into basically looking to emulate his grandfather. So in an try to show himself to his grasp, he destroyed it. He re-solid the mask in this movie because he is still conflicted, among the darkish side and the mild. The masks hides his feelings and given that he is the supreme chief, it makes him extra menacing.

Are there any (new) characters inside the sequel trilogy that have been George Lucas' introduction?


What is the call of that creature that Rey heals in the cave?

It is a Vexis serpent, as stated on the Wookiepedia.

Why is the Sith Homeworld known as Exegol, while it's miles called Korriban within the Clone Wars?

Exegol turned into by no means named the Sith Homeworld. It changed into simply another planet related to them.

Was Palpatine always terrible or turned into he once an amazing man who became evil?

Like maximum darkish facet users, he became probable innocent, but taken and raised with the aid of his grasp, Darth Plagueis to follow the approaches of the Sith. Turning him within to a selfish, electricity hungry monster.

Is Palpatine genuinely dead?

One ought to doubt the word "useless" however in essence Palpatine is destroyed as is the complete Sith cult. From that point of view he might be considered useless, yes.Emperor Palpatine well-knownshows both in Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith and Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker that the Dark Side is a course to skills that many locate "unnatural." In the primary instance, he recommendations on the ability to use the Force to lengthen one's very own life, or that of others. In the latter example, it is his answer as to why he but lives.In Return of the Jedi, his body changed into destroyed after his collapse the shaft of the interior of Death Star II, releasing his essence of the Dark Side of the Force. In Rise of Skywalker, this essence has inhabited a cloned body of Palpatine, but he's looking for a greater appropriate frame. So it is feasible Palpatine could go back once more, so long as his essence stays. However, Ep 9 heavily means that he become reborn with the help of fans from a dark Sith cultus; Rey destroys this cult on the stop, and perhaps Palpatine's capacity to be reborn with it.Regarding Force spirits: we examine within Ep 3 that Yoda has learned how to show up as a Force spirit from Qui Gon-Jin, and that is a Force approach that he teaches Obi Wan Kenobi. Not all Jedi mechanically understand; in reality, there are best a choose few who grasp it.Sith, alternatively, use their anger to maintain their physical corpses thereby cheating loss of life, contra the Jedi who hold their spirits.

What is the meaning in the back of the title of the movie?

The Rise of Skywalker refers to the upward push of Ben Solo from the dark aspect to the mild side, being the last genetic descendant of the recognised Skywalker circle of relatives.Furthermore it refers also to Rey's desire to leave her closing name and in the end provides herself because the non-family connection of the Skywalker family. In a manner, she is a chunk of a 'Skywalker' now due to the fact that she receives a new present of life presented to her with the aid of Ben Solo.

Is Anakin nonetheless the Chosen one?

Short answer: it relies upon!It is real from a certain factor of view that Anakin Skywalker did break the Sith, but, there are folks who view Rey Skywalker as the selected one, no longer Rey Palpatine. Some want to consider Rey Palpatine/Anakin Skywalker as Gandalf the Grey, and Rey Skywalker as Gandalf the White. Not to be careworn with them being the same individual, as this is again additionally as much as interpretation, and there is no proper response. Regardless, there may be no doubt that Darth Sidious represents all Sith and Rey Palpatine all of the Jedi for a brief moment. But it at the stop of this very movie, there will be best Rey Skywalker. No Jedi, No Sith. And it could be interpreted as Rey Skywalker being the Force Wielder or the Force Wielder as one need to be. In a manner she is Anakin Skywalker or as he need to had been, if you select to interpret it as such.One manner to study this is that Anakin turned into the Chosen One, however in the end did not fullfil the prophecy or best finished a part of it. He destroyed Palpatine's frame within Return of the Jedi and lower back to the Light Side, however, Palpating's ESSENCE changed into no longer absolutely vanquished. The respectable novelization confirms the body of Palpatine we see within Rise of Skywalker is a clone and he transfered his spirit to the cloned frame after his dying on the Second Death Star.Another factor is that Anakin most effective defeated Palpatine on the Death Star and not all of the Sith, as Rise of Skywalker shows the numerous Sith Cultists loyal to Palpatine. Rey destroys them with the power of the Force Ghosts.The fact that Rey destroys the Sith and might be the Chosen One does no longer suggest she would not be the Last Jedi and in the end rebuild the Jedi religion. They nonetheless will be guardians of the peace within the galaxy seeing that there are different forces embracing the Dark Side. It's not a Sith Exclusive...

Who are all of the hooded figures in the chamber on Exegol?

The Sith Eternal was an employer of cultists dependable to the Sith religion who persisted the Sith notion and sought to resurrect its subculture. The Sith Eternal had been fans of the Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. The Sith Eternal spent years building the biggest armada recognized to the galaxy, the Sith fleet, as part of the Emperor's plan of revenge to apply the Final Order to build a brand new Empire. However, the Sith Eternal have been in the end defeated on the Battle of Exegol, stopping the rebirth of the Sith and making sure their extinction.

What become it that Finn wanted to say to Rey? He says in the movie... "I by no means told you...."

That he changed into pressure-touchy. This was confirmed via J. J. Abrams. It is likewise implied within a few scenes, as an instance he every so often claims he has a 'feeling' and also senses Rey's death. He might have held this records from Rey, due to the fact he feared her visions of turning into a Sith. And if he had any emotions for her, he now feared her too much to emerge as romantically worried. Theoretically of path.

Will Rey stay on Tatooine on my own?

No. The very last scene of the movie, where Rey visits the Lars Homestead, changed into never meant to mean that she changed into staying there. Rey truly goes to bury Luke and Leia's lightsabers as a sign of respect for her beloved mentors whom she now perspectives as own family. As we see, Rey had built her personal lightsaber. So it could be implied she can maintain the course of the Jedi. It's possible the Lars Homestead is in which she can installation the education ground. But there are probable higher proper locations.

Didn't Chewie already get hold of his medal for helping destroy the original loss of life celebrity?

Yes. In a latest canon comedian, Chewie had obtained his medal after the rite. However, the medal that Maz Kanata gives to Chewie turned into Han's medal. Leia is seen clutching it when she dies. So Maz felt that Chewie must have it. Given how close he was to Han.

Since when did Palpatine have a son?

In the novelization for The Rise of Skywalker, it's explained that Palpatine's son became a "strand-forged" (a clone the use of blended DNA). Created inside the hopes of making a frame strong enough for Palpatine to switch his life force to. Unfortunately for Palpatine, the clone lacked any pressure sensitivity. So Palpatine allowed the clone to live on, hoping sooner or later he may want to potentially conceive a pressure-sensitive child.

How does General Pryde understand that General Hux is the traitor?

Pryde become in all likelihood already suspicious of Hux, who's adverse to Kylo Ren and has visible his reputation within the First Order decline after the failure of the Starkiller Base. The fact that Hux in my opinion supervised the execution of prisoners who then miraculously escaped, leaving Hux because the only survivor with a minor blaster wound, in all likelihood raised Pryde's suspicions. Not to say the First Order's low tolerance for weak point or cowardice, Pryde likely felt Hux ought to have died before allowing the insurgents to get away. That on my own might have probable been enough of an excuse for Pryde to kill Hux.

Was Palpatine's return planned from the start of the trilogy?

While in the long run we cannot be certain, the option is "likely no longer". First of all, Colin Trevorrow's original Episode IX script ("Duel of the Fates") did not encompass Emperor Palpatine but featured a new Sith Master, Tor Valum. Trevorrow's task became in the long run aborted quickly earlier than the release of The Last Jedi, however obviously Trevorrow became by no means given, after The Force Awakens, any indication that Palpatine changed into going to go back and play a pivotal position inside the trilogy.Second, in a late 2019 interview actor Ian McDiarmid discovered that "about a year ago" (so after the discharge of The Last Jedi) he become contacted by J.J. Abrams who was "questioning" (sic!) of bringing the Emperor lower back. If Palpatine's return were the endgame from the begin, informing McDiarmid properly earlier and making sure his cooperation could had been the most logical direction of motion.

Is Han Solo a normal ghost or a pressure ghost in this film?

Han is "just a memory" as Ben says. The scene must be considered as a shape of meditation and self-mirrored image from Ben. He replays his final moment together with his father within his head. Remembering how even after stabbing Han via the chest, the gesture of touching Ben's cheek became his way of saying "I forgive you and still love you.". This small gesture that Ben replays in his head is what allowed him to forgive himself for this sort of horrible act and whole his flip to the mild.

Why does Palpatine need Rey's energy so much? He had a son, shouldn't his son have manner more electricity than Rey, his granddaughter?

Palpatine's son changed into genuinely a strand-forged clone. Essentially made from extraordinary DNA strands which include Palpatine, in the wish of creating a frame effective sufficient to preserve his darkish aspect life force. Unfortunately the clone wasn't pressure touchy. However, he fathered a toddler that become surprisingly powerful in the pressure; Rey.

How does Leia die?

Leia transfers her existence pressure to her son, Ben. Sensing Ben's conflict. And probable that he might defeat Rey within combat, she reaches out to him inside the pressure. Notice that when Rey stabs Ben/Kylo inside the chest, it really is while Leia dies. And her body doesn't disappear till Ben's does. Rey also senses her dying and realising what came about, knew she had to keep Ben. Leia's sacrifice saved both Ben and Rey.

Palpatine continues on the use of the identical "lightning approach" all the time, which ends up within the same issue, the Jedi deflecting the lightning lower back at him and killing him. Why does he still rely upon this approach despite the fact that he failed 2 instances already?

The simplest Jedi to deflect the lightning returned at him became Mace Windu. And that turned into as a minimum partially intentional on Palpatine's element to trick Anakin in to thinking that he was susceptible and dying to force Anakin in to helping him kill Mace.

Why is that this name the "Rise of Skywalker" while Rey isn't always even a true Skywalker? Shouldnt "Rise of Skywalker" be higher for Luke in view that he is surely a actual Skywalker?

The identify may want to refer to both Ben or Rey. Ben is a Skywalker by blood (even though Solo his remaining name) and Rey adopts the name with permission from Luke and Leia. Even even though she is not a blood relative, the film is about how your origins don't be counted and the way you can select your humans.

Was Rey being a Palpatine the authentic plan considering the start of the trilogy?

According to a September 2020 interview by way of actress Daisy Ridley (Rey), it very much wasn't. The actress remembers that, at some stage in the trilogy, several plans regarding Rey's parentage have been considered and scrapped, which include her being a descendant of Obi-wan Kenobi (the voices of Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor are in short heard within a imaginative and prescient Rey has in The Force Awakens) or being "a no one" (as became seemingly the case within The Last Jedi). The idea of a Palpatine connection emerged pretty late into the trilogy.

Fred Wood Net Worth as Druid

Fred Wood estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Fred Wood after performed as Druid.

Fred Wood's revenue of collaborating within Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers is $22.7K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is Fred Wood.

Star Wars - Episode IX: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers STORY

While the First Order continues to ravage the galaxy, Rey finalizes her training as a Jedi. But danger suddenly rises from the ashes as the evil Emperor Palpatine mysteriously returns from the dead. While working with Finn and Poe Dameron to fulfill a new mission, Rey will not only face Kylo Ren once more, but she will also finally discover the truth about her parents as well as a deadly secret that could determine her future and the fate of the ultimate final showdown that is to come.

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