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Graham Bloomwood is a fictional character from the movie "Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin". Graham Bloomwood is played by John Goodman. Graham Bloomwood is Comedy, Romance character of the movie Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin. Graham Bloomwood has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin".
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July 27, 2022

Graham Bloomwood In "Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin"

Graham Bloomwood is a fictional character from the movies, Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin. Graham Bloomwood is played by means of John Goodman.

Is "Confessions of a Shopaholic" based totally on a novel?

Confessions of a Shopaholic is based on the primary novels within a chain of five novels by way of English creator Sophie Kinsella (aka Madeleine Wickham): (1) The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (2000) (additionally titled Confessions of a Shopaholic)) and (2) Shopaholic Abroad (2001) (also titled Shopaholic Takes Manhattan). There are three greater novels within the series: (3) Shopaholic Ties The Knot (2001), (4) Shopaholic & Sister (2004), and (5) Shopaholic & Baby (2007). The story turned into tailored for the display by means of screenwriters Tim Firth and Tracey Jackson.

How carefully does the film observe the book(s)?

Those who've each study the books and visible the film document that the film follows the plot of the books however that there are several variations. Most splendid on the begin of the movie is that it's far set in New York City instead of London. Another exquisite distinction is that the main person (Rebecca Bloomwood) is 25 years old within the novel however that Isl. a. Fisher, the actress who performs Becky, seems greater like a 20-12 months-old. [Fisher become actually 31 while the movie was filmed.] Another commentable distinction is that the person of Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy) inside the film is an editor at Successful Savings rather than the pinnacle of Brandon Communications and that he is portrayed as instead "geeky" and boyish rather than the allure and confidence of the individual within the novel. To deal with what is going on within Becky's internal thoughts causing her to store, keep, keep, the movie has invented talking mannequins; some viewers have complained approximately the mannequins not being within the novels and would have preferred using voiceover as a substitute. Finally, the comedy within the film has been described as more "slapstick" and "screwball" than the simple humor of the novels.

John Goodman Net Worth as Graham Bloomwood

John Goodman expected Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is John Goodman after played as Graham Bloomwood.

John Goodman's salary of collaborating within Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin is $29.3K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is John Goodman.

Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin STORY

Struggling with her debilitating obsession with shopping and the sudden collapse of her income source, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) unintentionally lands a job writing for a financial magazine after a drunken letter-mailing mix-up. Ironically writing about the consumer caution of which she has not abided, Rebecca's innovative comparisons and unconventional metaphors for economics grants her critical acclaim, public success, and the admiration of her supportive boss Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy). But as she draws closer to her ultimate goal of writing for renowned fashion magazine Alette, she questions her true ambitions and must determine if overcoming her "shopaholic" condition will bring her real happiness.

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