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Home Minister is a fictional character from the movie "Mumbai Saga". Home Minister is played by Praful Samant. Home Minister is Action, Crime character of the movie Mumbai Saga.
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September 29, 2021

Home Minister In "Mumbai Saga"

Home Minister is a fictional person from the movies, Mumbai Saga. Home Minister is performed through Praful Samant.

Is this movie based totally on actual story?


Praful Samant Net Worth as Home Minister

Praful Samant anticipated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Praful Samant after performed as Home Minister.

Praful Samant's revenue of taking part in Mumbai Saga is $36.9K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways rich is Praful Samant.

Mumbai Saga STORY

Amartya Rao lives a simple life with his father and younger brother Arjun,He gets in trouble with men of Gaitonde who extort money poor vegetable and fruit vendors.Amartya is put in prison where Gaitonde plans to kill him but he overcomes everyone and finds a friend for lifetime in Nari Khan a smuggler who helps in every point of life.Bhau a powerful politician bails Amartya and asks to work for him soon Amartya forms his own gang and is feared by everyone.Gaitonde joins hand with industrialist Khaitan and plans to finish Amartya but Khaitan is killed in broad day light by Amartya and his gang.Khaitan's wife then offers 10 Crore reward to a police officer who will encounter Amartya there enters encounter specialist Vijay Sawarkar whose only motive is to kill Amartya.

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