Inspector Burton

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Inspector Burton is a fictional character from the movie "Das B-Team". Inspector Burton is played by Stephen Dillane. Inspector Burton is Comedy, Crime character of the movie Das B-Team.
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November 02, 2022

Inspector Burton In "Das B-Team"

Inspector Burton is a fictional individual from the films, Das B-Team. Inspector Burton is played by Stephen Dillane.

Stephen Dillane Net Worth as Inspector Burton

Stephen Dillane anticipated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Stephen Dillane after performed as Inspector Burton.

Stephen Dillane's net worth of collaborating within Das B-Team is $22K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way rich is Stephen Dillane.

Das B-Team STORY

Failed parole officer Simon Garden (Coogan) is framed for a murder committed by one of Manchester's leading police officers. The only evidence proving his innocence is a CCTV video tape locked inside a bank vault. With the help of four inept ex-criminals and token love interest Emma (Lena Headey), Garden must break into the bank and steal the CCTV footage in order to clear his name.

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