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John Krytsick is a fictional character from the movie "Punchline - Der Knalleffekt". John Krytsick is played by John Goodman. John Krytsick is Comedy, Drama, Romance character of the movie Punchline - Der Knalleffekt. John Krytsick has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " Punchline - Der Knalleffekt".
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August 20, 2022

John Krytsick In "Punchline - Der Knalleffekt"

John Krytsick is a fictional character from the films, Punchline - Der Knalleffekt. John Krytsick is played by means of John Goodman.

I just saw Punchline (1988) with Sally Field and Tom Hanks. The final credit had a gorgeous trumpet piece in the soundtrack, however I could not discover in which it changed into diagnosed. What is the piece and who played the trumpet???

The music is original song for the soundtrack. The trumpet (cornet) participant is Raymond Mase. i am a former student of his and he talked about this session with me within one among our classes.

John Goodman Net Worth as John Krytsick

John Goodman predicted Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is John Goodman after performed as John Krytsick.

John Goodman's salary of collaborating within Punchline - Der Knalleffekt is $33.3K .

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Punchline - Der Knalleffekt STORY

Steven Gold is a stand-up comedian who is flat broke and has recently dropped out of medical school. He and several others work regularly at the Gas Station, a New York comedy club. The wages are lousy and everybody hopes for the big break. Lilah Krytsick is housewife with an ambition to be a stand-up comedian, however she doesnt seem to have the talent. Steven takes her under his wings and teaches her the art of comedy and humour. But when a TV station arranges a comedy evening at the club, Steve sees his opportunity for fame and stardom. Their friendship seems quickly forgotten and now it's every man and woman for him- or herself!

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