Klimatov's Bodyguard

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Klimatov's Bodyguard is a fictional character from the movie "Ninja". Klimatov's Bodyguard is played by Vladimir Vladimirov. Klimatov's Bodyguard is Action, Thriller character of the movie Ninja.
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October 01, 2021

Klimatov's Bodyguard In "Ninja"

Klimatov's Bodyguard is a fictional individual from the films, Ninja. Klimatov's Bodyguard is performed through Vladimir Vladimirov.

Vladimir Vladimirov Net Worth as Klimatov's Bodyguard

Vladimir Vladimirov envisioned Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Vladimir Vladimirov after performed as Klimatov's Bodyguard.

Vladimir Vladimirov's salary of participating within Ninja is $65.5K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way rich is Vladimir Vladimirov.


Casey, a Westerner studies Ninjitsu in Japan. And in their Master's possession is an Ninja armor with some legendary weapons which goes to a deserving person. Masazuka, another student thinks he is that person but the Master has an affinity for Casey. One day Masazuka attacks Casey and Casey defends himself scarring Masazuka. Masazuka would be banished. He would then become an assassin, who works for a group criminals called The Ring. Masazuka would return demanding the armor but the Master still refuses. The Master tells Casey and his daughter, Namiko to take the armor to America were it can be kept from Masazuka. After killing the Master, Masazuka follows them to Anmerica and tries to get it. Casey is erroneously arrested for crimes committed by Masazuka. He eventually abducts Namiko and demands turn the armor to him. Casey tells him if he wants he'll have to fight him for it.