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Man who hires Wells is a fictional character from the movie "No Country for Old Men". Man who hires Wells is played by Stephen Root. Man who hires Wells is Crime, Drama, Thriller character of the movie No Country for Old Men. Man who hires Wells has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " No Country for Old Men".
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Man who hires Wells In "No Country for Old Men"

Man who hires Wells is a fictional person from the movies, No Country for Old Men. Man who hires Wells is played by using Stephen Root.

Did the Coen brother movie the very last action scene (although it wasn't within the movie?)


Is 'No Country for Old Men' based totally on a ebook?

No Country for Old Men (2005) is a singular by American creator Cormac McCarthy. The novel was tailored for the film by using American film-making brothers Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, who also produced and directed the film. No Country for Old Men received the 2008 Academy Award for Best Picture.

Where does the film's title come from?

It comes from the primary line of the poem "Sailing to Byzantium", written by way of the Irish poet W.B. Yeats. In it, an elderly guy on the give up of his lifestyles contemplates loss of life and wonders what the afterlife will be like. This topic is visible within Sheriff Bell, who's nearing retirement, and ponders what it will likely be like within his "afterlife," i.e, his life while he is now not a lawman.

Who is talking in the beginning narrative?

That's Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) from Terrell County within Southwestern Texas.

Why turned into Anton Chigurh being arrested at the beginning of the film?

The film suggests that Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) turned into stuck seeking to sneak into the U.S. In the e book, Chigurh tells Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson) that he had allowed himself to get arrested to peer if he ought to get away. Chigurh had murdered a person in a bar fight the preceding night time; the man had insulted him. According to Chigurh's description, he had both snapped the man's neck or strangled him.

In what term does the film take area?

The tale takes location in June 1980. When Chigurh tosses the coin for the gasoline station proprietor, he says that the date at the coin is 1958, and it took 22 years to get there. The phone invoice Chigurh alternatives up is dated 1980, and 1980 is the date of death on one of the graves.

What is that tank that Chigurh makes use of to punch out locks?

Chigurh makes use of a captive bolt pistol, which is also known as a farm animals gun. The tank itself is pressurized air. Releasing the air valve powers the bolt when induced and it retracts routinely. Chigurh in all likelihood uses it to avoid leaving any proof along with his victims like powder burns or a bullet. Sheriff Bell makes a connection with this device within his first conversation with Carla Jean Moss (Kelly Macdonald), however does no longer seem to consciously connect the dots.

Why does Llewelyn select up his spent rifle cartridge?

The maximum probable rationalization is that he hundreds his very own ammunition and so he re-makes use of spent cartridges. It's also viable he'll just promote the spent brass 100% reloading and now not leaving junk out within the bush

What is the shotgun Anton Chigurh makes use of?

A sound-suppressed Remington 11-87 Semi-Auto shotgun with a sawed-off barrel. The suppressor is probably custom-made, perhaps with the aid of Chigurh himself, who possibly has navy education and may have found out the way to make one. The shotgun itself is anachronistic since it turned into launched in 1987, even as the film truely takes location in 1980.

Can a shotgun truely be silenced with a silencer like Chigurh has performed?

Though shotgun silencers and silenced shotguns do exist, they're not nearly as effective at lowering the muzzle document as pistol or rifle silencers. The silencer Chigurh has connected to his shotgun is intended only for cinematic effect and might truely do little or no to lessen the muzzle document of the shotgun he uses. Generally the noise of gunshots (silenced or otherwise) are added to a movie's audio after filming, as microphones do no longer appropriately file the sound thoroughly.

What does Wells imply when he remarks to The Man Who Hired Wells, "I counted the flooring of this constructing from the street. There's one lacking"?

Two opportunities exist:(1) It turned into just Wells giving any other "try at humor" due to the fact maximum buildings that have sufficient flooring that go in to the double-digits could have the ground variety 13 eliminated. Next time you move right into a excessive-upward thrust test the elevator and notice if there is a "13" button. Many modern homes have a 13th ground, but older homes had been constructed with superstition in mind. So while Wells stated there has been one missing, he turned into regarding the 13th ground. Which is why The Man Who Hires Wells looks at him alternatively angry and simply says "We'll appearance within to it." returning the sarcasm.(2) Wells is wise, aware, and intuitive. He displays this behavior through-out the movie (locating Llewlyn in simply 3 hours and understanding his familial circumstance, and many others.). It might be fair to assume that, seeing that he turned into to be employed to tune down Chigurh and the money, he could want to recognise his enterprise and their enterprise. While doing so, he noticed a discrepancy among the constructing's outside having more flooring than what the the elevator button panel confirmed (much less floors, one being 13 as within answer one and an extra separate missing ground). If this is proper, then a ground is within reality missing. What takes place on that floor is open to interpretation (i.e drug trafficking). This can also provide an explanation for how the commercial enterprise got here to address dropping money and it being the palms of drug traffickers. A comparable change passed off within Raw Deal (1986) when Joey Brenner tells the operator "down" to which he responds, "there may be no down" until Joey took out a roll of cash then the elevator operator smiled and allow him in. "Down" was a mystery floor that had an illegal playing casino.

Where become Chigurh while Bell went back to the El Paso motel room?

It is open to interpretation and speculation concerning the precise nature of the nearest issue to an come upon between Chigurh and Bell within the film. There are as a minimum four possibilities.(1) Chigurh is indeed in the back of the door when we (and Bell) see what looks as if his reflection thru the lock tube. Bell draws his weapon and a while passes as he prepares himself to enter beneath the belief that Chigurh is still interior. This can also have given Chigurh some time to cover somewhere within the inn room. When Bell does input, Chigurh is no longer behind the door (Bell would not even check there, although he does push the door open sufficient that if Chigurh have been there he might likely realize it). Bell exams the bathroom and reveals the rear window locked. He then returns to the main room and sits down at the mattress. He soon sees that the vent has been eliminated, implying that the cash is long past and that Chigurh has it. During the time that Bell become in the lavatory it's far feasible that Chigurh left the room and escaped. Since Chigurh has the cash he has no purpose to go out of his manner to kill Bell, and it is viable that he absolutely did the practical aspect and escaped to keep away from any further complications. (2) Chigurh is both in an adjacent room (the one to the left as we are facing the rooms as Bell walks toward them, for instance) while we see him hiding at the back of the door (in what might must be a mirrored shot because of the association of the rooms). This and third opportunities are similar however still distinct.(3) We see him hiding at the back of the door in advance within time by using several mins, being cautious approximately exiting the room. The first might make sense considering Moss' earlier technique of hiding the money and making it available from any other room. Other evidence to indicate that is the fact that both the room Moss turned into killed within (room 114) and the adjacent room (room 112) are behind police tape, implying both had been a part of the crime scene. It is tough to determine through the movie whether the lock become punched out in the adjoining room, but. The 2nd would fit with the same old scenario of Bell arriving moments too late to locate Chigurh, that is one of the motives he says that he would possibly name him a "ghost."(4) Chigurh is already lengthy long past and the reflection inside the lock tube and the picture of Chigurh waiting in the back of the door are all within Bell's imagination as expressions of his fear, the concern that he confronts (or attempts to confront) by way of coming into the room anyway. There is powerful proof in opposition to any principle that Chigurh changed into now not there whilst Sheriff Bell arrived. That proof is the crime scene tape, the shadow of which may be seen on the door simply as Sheriff Bell enters the room, projected with the aid of the headlights of Bell's vehicle. This crime scene tape shadow is likewise projected on the wall of the hotel room after Bell opens the door. After Bell leaves the rest room, he sits at the mattress and we can see that the shadow of the crime scene tape is not on the wall, implying that it has been broken by way of someone escaping the resort room, or the adjacent motel room. However, it ought to be noted that the two portions of crime scene tape are honestly nonetheless intact when Bell sits on the mattress, within different camera angles. While the tape shadow now not appears on the big wall nearest the toilet, the tape shadow still seems intact at the wall with the television, whilst the digital camera is on Bell's face as he notices the ventilation grate has been removed. Just earlier than the digicam cuts faraway from Bell's face and to the air flow grate, the two pieces of crime scene tape can in brief be seen flapping in the wind, showing they're nonetheless intact. Therefore, it is tough to make any strong conclusions regarding a theory of someone (Chigurh) leaving and breaking the tape. It may be nothing greater than an oversight in the scene's continuity.Because we understand that Chigurh became certainly there at some point, we could consider a aggregate of either opportunity #2 or #3 blended with #4 as being what clearly happened or what we are being shown. This would mean that we aren't seeing something this is simply Bell's imagination (although what we see may were motivated with the aid of it), however as an alternative what definitely happened "5 mins in the past" or "within the next room over" is probably published to demonstrate what Bell is feeling: that Chigurh is somewhere around and that he will be in danger upon entering the room. In different phrases, there has been a few trick modifying in which we are being posted a exclusive time or a extraordinary area interlaced with the current time and/or place in such a manner that makes it appear like going on simultaneously to the scenes with Bell. Other movies use this method to fool the target audience into wondering two things are going on within the film on the same time within the identical location, when in truth one has already came about or passed off within a distinctive region, or each.In the cease, it matters little in which Chigurh was (which is one of the reasons it changed into left ambiguous). What is crucial is that we're aired that Bell thinks he's nevertheless within there and enters the room anyway, confronting his worry and likely putting his soul at risk. Once once more he's too late and Chigurh is gone with the money, but he failed to know that before he entered the room. This fits closely the description of the scene from the e book. The scene has been changed however the end end result is essentially the same. In the e-book it is definitely stated to the reader that Chigurh continues to be on the motel whilst Bell arrives. Chigurh is inside the parking lot, notices a car coming and hides in his car as he watches Bell park and move inside the inn room. After Bell has finished searching the resort room he prepares to go out the room, and we "listen" what he is wondering. Just as he is about to exit the room he shows that he is aware that Chigurh can be within one of the many automobiles inside the parking zone, and that he could be helpless if Chigurh were to open fireplace on him from that vantage point. He exits the room anyway, receives within his vehicle and drives down the street in which he stops and watches the parking lot. He has referred to as for backup and he waits until backup arrives, and after they do, a seek of the parking zone returns not anything. The reader does not know how Chigurh escapes.

Why would not Carson Wells retrieve the case of cash from the trees while he spots it from searching over the fence at the Mexican border?

One clarification is that he intended to retrieve it beneath the duvet of darkness and after changing into clothes that would provide some level of camouflage in comparison to his garish western apparel. Unfortunately he isn't always able to observe through with this due to his come across with Anton Chigurh on the manner to his inn room. Also, Carson may have believed that the case become hard for anyone else to see in the event that they were not particularly searching out it like he became. Also, he won't were sure that he noticed the briefcase. He could have both been bluffing Chigurh possibly hoping for an opportunity to get the upper hand on the way to get the cash or hoping the briefcase changed into in reality there.

What's the importance of Sheriff Bell's desires on the cease?

The goals may be visible as expressions of what Bell is struggling with for the duration of the route of the scenario and the trade of angle that lets in him to come to phrases with his warfare. In the primary dream he says his father entrusted him with a few money, but he (Bell) lost it. This can be seen as Bell feeling as though he become entrusted with a responsibility and has didn't uphold it. His failure to keep and guard something treasured like the cash is similar to his failure as a law enforcement officer to guard human beings like Moss and Carla Jean, different civilians, and to make a widespread effect on crime in preferred. This dream explains what's troubling him and that he feels or is afraid that he can be a failure. Because his father is mentioned explicitly it's far possibly that he may additionally experience he has failed his father, who become also a regulation-guy, on a personal stage.The 2nd dream is a reconciliation of the trouble from the first. In the second one dream, he says he and his father had been riding via the mountains in the vintage times. His father rode up in advance of him and went on into the cold and darkish with a few fire. Bell said that he knew whilst he got to where his father changed into going, his father might be there looking ahead to him. This indicates that Bell realizes that his father is watching for him though, whether he is a failure or now not. The dark and cold would constitute the unknowable close to destiny and eventual positive dying, and the fireplace represents comfort, protection and desire. His father consists of it onward, and Bell is aware of he can be ready with it for him while he joins him within the future. The dream appears to be an encouragement to maintain in his risky profession, instead of retire. The 2nd dream additionally indicates that Bell has come to a realization, as a minimum on a few level, of the idea that Ellis (Barry Corbin) noted of their earlier communique. Ellis says, Whatcha were given ain't nothin' new. This United States of America's hard on people, you can not forestall what is coming, it ain't all waiting on you. That's conceitedness/ ...which means that Bell cannot anticipate himself to be triumphant at the usual he has held himself to, and so it is unreasonable to achieve this. Bell felt pressured to maintain on beyond an inexpensive age and into unmanageable conditions that allows you to uphold the duty he felt have been handed all the way down to him. When he realizes he can not do this he feels overmatched and quits by means of retiring. He had tasked himself with the not possible (in an attempt to stay up to his father, or previous regulation-guys, and many others.) and blamed himself for failing to succeed. Bell won't recognize it consciously but, but the dreams display that on a few stage after his communicate with Ellis he realized that the arena had constantly been this way and always would be (dark and bloodless) however that there are sources of refuge and luxury looking forward to him.And then he wakes up.

What is the track within the crimson-band trailer?

"Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels.

So changed into Chigurh essentially an atheistic deterministic psychopath that flipped coins for path?

When he defends the position of the coin in determining Carla Jean's destiny, by way of announcing it got there the equal way he did, he seems to admit that events in part spread on their personal by means of hidden forces, regardless of the phantasm that we manipulate them. In tough case, near calls, like at the fuel station, I suppose the coin is a manner of letting nature have the tie-breaking vote, when he truely feels caught at the horns of a predicament. That determinism dovetails with why he is neither surprised nor self-pitying whilst he receives his arm broken upon getting T-boned, despite having the green light. He accepts -- nay, nearly predicts -- random, horrific results like that. And just marches on and makes the best of it. If he had any code of behavior, it turned into ordinary.

What does Chigurh mean whilst he tells Carla Jean "I came the identical manner the coin did."

He supposed that her fate would be determined both way, however as a minimum the coin gave her a chance to live on.

Why did Chigurh kill the 2 Managerials on the scene of the drug deal long gone terrible?

There are a spread of reasons for which Chigurh ought to have killed The Managerials. Initially it would have regarded as though Chigurh killed them with the intention to double-cross his organization. It is probably that this turned into what The Man Who Hired Wells (Stephen Root) notion was taking place, causing him to declare that Chigurh had long past rogue and to lease Wells to smooth up. Events later on in the film all however cut price this as a possibility, especially at such an early degree. Chigurh apparently takes his job very seriously and it is able to be that he felt they did not share that equal degree of professionalism. Later on we discover that Chigurh would not like to paintings with others in any respect while he says to The Accountant, "You select the only right device." This makes it appear that this turned into the principle cause he killed the Managerials. He were employed to do a task and did not anticipate everyone else to accept the same process. Another reason of Chigurh may had been his choice to swap out his vehicle for his or her truck. The "Mind ridin' whinge?" remark and their preferred mindset also did now not enhance their possibilities of staying on Chigurh's suitable facet but due to the fact Chigurh is a professional killer, it in all likelihood did not faze him very a lot first of all and he was making plans to kill them regardless of what they stated to him. It's also viable that Chigurh relies on anonymity. He is employed via a touch and does now not correspond to his customers. If a customer sends humans to meet him and spot his face, he feels he need to kill them to keep his anonymity.

Who have been the Mexicans inside the first motel room, and why does Chigurh kill them?

The three Mexicans at the Del Rio inn may also had been employed through The Man Who Hires Wells (as well as Chigurh). Another possibility is that they are from the drug side of the deal-long gone-bad. The Man Who Hires Wells mentions that the alternative facet is "out their product", implying that the medicine have been additionally reported as taken with the aid of a 3rd party (whether they without a doubt had been or no longer is unknown, although the truck bed is empty whilst Bell arrives at the deal scene). Because of this it's miles possible that the 3 Mexicans are from the drug side of the deal and The Man Who Hired Wells gave them a transponder to assuage their enterprise, the drug side, who become seemingly sad with the manner the deal went down. They used this transponder to discover Llewelyn Moss' (Josh Brolin) inn room and incorrectly assumed that the satchel changed into somewhere within the room, when within fact it become some yards away inside the ventilation duct among rooms. It is not known for sure which celebration the Mexicans constitute, handiest that they were given a transponder at some point by using The Man Who Hired Wells. This is explained within the conversation between Chigurh and the Accountant (Trent Moore). The Accountant does not provide an explanation for the Mexicans' affiliation, best that The Man Who Hired Wells felt that the money would be discovered quicker with more human beings seeking out it. This makes it probably that he hired them to locate the money, but that is not always the case. The Mexicans incorrectly assumed the cash become inside the room. When Chigurh bursts into the room after punching out the lock (finding the room with his personal transponder) the Mexicans, in all likelihood after looking the room and no longer finding the satchel, have been ready to ambush Moss when he entered the room. Unfortunately for them, it become no longer Moss who entered, it become Chigurh who murders they all assuming that they had already discovered the satchel. He searches the room and tests the one region they did not, the air duct. He reveals the marks the the satchel made while Moss pushed it via, and sooner or later took it out the opposite stop and escaped. Later on, after the very last unseen shootout on the end of the movie, this is how Chigurh knows the satchel would be in the airduct and takes it after the police finally go away the scene of the crime. Several clues assist the inference that Chigurh need to have gotten the cash: (1) he become there after the police officers left, due to the fact the lock as punched out, his MO, and after calling him a ghost, the sheriff imagines him in the back of the door, simplest to open it and have him vanish; (2) you understand he opened the air-duct gate, because a dime changed into left next to it, his same MO on the Regal Motel; (3) when he pulled the $100 bill out to buy the children's blouse after the auto crash, he copied Moss's conduct, when he had the cash, by using all of sudden pulling big payments of his pants like nothing to buy clothes.

What function did Carson Wells play on this whole drama, and turned into he without a doubt as brainy as he let on?

Carson Wells become hired via the man who also reputedly hired Chigurh to kill Llewlynn Moss and retrieve the money, as Chigurh had been employed to do firstly. The Man Who Hired Wells publicizes that Chigurh has gone rogue, which means that he both thought Chigurh had or became in the technique of double crossing him or that he genuinely did now not approve of Chigurh's strategies. He hires Wells to easy up the situation. Wells' specific profession is unknown. He claims he is simply a "day trader," implying that he might also moonlight as a hitman/bounty hunter/mercenary or simply do it in his loose time, whereas it seems to be Chigurh's full time profession. However, this could have just been self-deprecation so that you can humble himself to Chigurh in the hopes that he is probably spared. We can't understand his actual profession for positive, but it's miles safe to anticipate that he was contracted in a way similar to Chigurh and so both possibly have the identical occupation. Late inside the movie, he is known as a retired colonel. The film does suggest that Wells is distinctly sensible, observant and alert, however, this isn't always sufficient to shop him from Chigurh. Wells additionally appears to be cocky and overconfident, and Chigurh is capable of get the drop on him.

Why did Chigurh kill The Man Who Hired Wells?

Chigurh killed The Man Who Hired Wells because he had tasked people other than Chigurh with finding the money. Chigurh noticed those human beings as an useless inconvenience and so he eliminated them as they have been encountered, starting with the managerials out inside the wasteland at night. The remaining straw for Chigurh is when he unearths that Wells has been employed to kill him. Interestingly, after killing The Man Who Hired Wells, Chigurh only mentions that a transponder become given to the Mexicans from Moss' first hotel room and not anything about the fact that any individual have been hired to kill him. When the accountant explains why the Mexicans additionally obtained a transponder, Chigurh says, "That's silly. You choose the one right tool," implying that The Man Who Hired Wells had brought this on himself via tasking others with locating the money, instead of counting on Chigurh alone. Despite his reasons given, it's far likely that the main motive that Chigurh decided to kill The Man Who Hired Wells had to do with the reality that he hired Wells . Chigurh, at the same time as psychotic, has principles. Out of all the feasible motives as to why Chigurh killed the 2 managerials in the wilderness, if it become certainly due to the fact he found them to be an inconvenience and not due to the fact he turned into double crossing his organisation, The Man Who Hires Wells won't were killed by means of Chigurh. That is to mention that if the Man Who Hired Wells didn't take the killing of two of his guys as a double pass and, within flip, did no longer give the Mexicans a receiver or rent Wells, and instead permit Chigurh end his process, it is viable Chigurh could have finished his assignment and given lower back the cash to his respective company. Unfortunately, The Man Who Hires Wells idea Chigurh had long past rogue and sealed his destiny after hiring Wells and assisting the Mexicans.

Did Chigurh kill The Accountant that turned into inside the office of The Man Who Hired Wells?

It is left ambiguous as to whether or not Chigurh killed The Accountant. When the accountant asks if Chigurh is going to shoot him, Chigurh replies via pronouncing, "That relies upon. Do you see me?" This implies that if The Accountant plays blind, Chigurh will now not kill him. The script has the accountant answering Chigurh's question with a, "No," (the scene then modified) which would mean that he lives. The question may want to have also been rhetorical, being that he manifestly *does* see him, that means sure, he'll kill him.

What takes place on the El Paso motel?

Llewelyn Moss is going to the motel and waits to be reunited with Carla Jean and Agnes (her mother). While waiting, the poolside woman (Ana Reeder) flirts with him and offers him beers. What happens next can be visible as ambiguous, the first option is that the Mexicans knew in which he became headed due to the fact Agnes had told them at the bus station. During the ensuing shootout, the poolside female turned into killed and her frame become located inside the pool. Moss was capable of shoot one of the Mexicans before he was shot inside the chest and died inner his resort room. The closing Mexicans ran off as Sheriff Bell pulled into the parking zone. The second choice is that Bell simply comes across a shoot out between the Mexicans and Chigurh who has already killed Moss and the poolside woman. The evidence for that is circumstancial at satisfactory, The Mexicans are the use of machine guns which we hear, one of the Mexicans has been shot (by means of both Llewelyn or Chigurh) however we do not listen this. The device gun casings are a good sized distance from the shot Mexican, why would the Mexicans be taking pictures toward their personal man? There aren't any bullet holes found within Llewelyns room or inside the wall surrounding the door.

What came about to Agnes and Carla Jean?

Agnes (Beth Grant) died of her cancer. It is implied that Chigurh killed Carla Jean. After she refuses to call the coin toss, Chigurh is visible leaving her house and checking his boots, possibly to make sure he would not have any blood on them. In an earlier scene, Chigurh, after shooting Carson Wells, sees the blood coming down the ground and puts his ft on the bed, to avoid getting blood on his boots. (In the book, she does finally name the coin toss and whilst it is wrong, he shoots her.) When he kills all the Mexicans in the inn room, he does so wearing white socks, which he the takes off and leaves at the back of. Also, when the Mexicans force away following the demise of Llewelyn, we listen a valid very much like the sound we pay attention when Chigurh exits Carla Jean's house: the sound of the motorcycles the 2 boys are riding. The Coens should have used this sound as a director's trick to make us believe she matched the identical destiny as Llewelyn.

What befell to Chigurh?

After assembly with Carla Jean, Chigurh were given in a severe automobile accident, with a compound fracture of his forearm. a couple of young adults (Josh Blaylock and Caleb Landry Jones) on bikes technique him, asking if he's k (he in reality is not, having several cuts on him and an injured eye). He pays one of the kids for his shirt so he could make a sling for his arm, receives to his ft and flees the scene of the accident. Whether he died or not is up for the viewer's interpretation. With an damage like that, he would probable have died without scientific interest. That being stated, he is seen to tend to his personal gunshot wound in advance in the film, but the concept of him setting his personal broken bone is not likely (you need a person else to use lateral force to get the bones to re-align). The e book additionally leaves this to interpretation. It may be viable he has access to a "again alley" doctor or at least knows in which to discover one. Chigurh believes inside the random nature of destiny, and that is what happens to him at the cease. The killing of Carla Jean is senseless if he has the money. It simplest continues the promise he made to the now-lifeless Moss. So, the car walking into him is "immediate karma' for his loss of "precept".

What passed off to the money?

Although it's far left open for interpretation, it's far implied that Anton Chigurh wound up with the money. After the police activity died down, Chigurh sneaked into Moss' room and unscrewed the vent to retrieve the satchel of money. He knew that is where the money could be because he saw the song marks in the vent of the Del Rio resort room, and knew that Moss saved it within the vent. When Sheriff Bell arrives at the El Paso lodge, he sees that the vent became unscrewed by means of a coin, which Chigurh used in the previous resort. However, a shot of the vent in the El Paso motel indicates that the vent may be too small to have accommodated the case containing the cash. But, after Chigurh is concerned inside the vehicle coincidence at the cease, he offers the bicycle boys one hundred dollar invoice, which implies that he did wind up with the money. In the e-book, Chigurh observed the money and returned it to a third celebration. Like Wells said, he did have his ideas!

Stephen Root Net Worth as Man who hires Wells

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Stephen Root's revenue of taking part in No Country for Old Men is $44.7K .

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No Country for Old Men STORY

In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart.

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