Marie Tatin - L'épicière

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Marie Tatin - l'épicière is a fictional character from the movie "Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen". Marie Tatin - l'épicière is played by Gabrielle Fontan. Marie Tatin - l'épicière is Crime, Drama, Thriller character of the movie Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen. Marie Tatin - l'épicière has appeared in 4 episodes of the series " Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen".
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December 20, 2022

Marie Tatin - l'épicière In "Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen"

Marie Tatin - l'épercentère is a fictional individual from the movies, Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen. Marie Tatin - l'é%ère is played through Gabrielle Fontan.

Gabrielle Fontan Net Worth as Marie Tatin - l'épicière

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Gabrielle Fontan's net worth of participating in Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen is $41.9K .

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Maigret kennt kein Erbarmen STORY

Inspector Maigret is traveling to the French countryside to visit his friend, the duchess of Saint-Fiacre. She has received a letter recently stating that she will die soon. A few days later she does so by an heart attack, but Maigret does not believe in this...

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