Monty Griswold

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Monty Griswold is a fictional character from the movie "Detective Kid". Monty Griswold is played by Xander Berkeley. Monty Griswold is Action, Comedy, Crime character of the movie Detective Kid. Monty Griswold has appeared in 4 episodes of the series " Detective Kid".
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January 13, 2023

Monty Griswold In "Detective Kid"

Monty Griswold is a fictional person from the films, Detective Kid. Monty Griswold is played with the aid of Xander Berkeley.

Xander Berkeley Net Worth as Monty Griswold

Xander Berkeley predicted Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Xander Berkeley after played as Monty Griswold.

Xander Berkeley's net worth of participating within Detective Kid is $77.2K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way rich is Xander Berkeley.

Detective Kid STORY

A young man has to take over the ruined detective agency of his father and his uncle. There are two major difficulties to manage: His uncle and his new job.