Mr. Wiggins - Postman

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Mr. Wiggins - Postman is a fictional character from the movie "Wiretapper". Mr. Wiggins - Postman is played by Phil Tead. Mr. Wiggins - Postman is Action, Biography, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir character of the movie Wiretapper. Mr. Wiggins - Postman has appeared in 2 episodes of the series " Wiretapper".
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May 27, 2022

Mr. Wiggins - Postman In "Wiretapper"

Mr. Wiggins - Postman is a fictional individual from the movies, Wiretapper. Mr. Wiggins - Postman is played through Phil Tead.

Phil Tead Net Worth as Mr. Wiggins - Postman

Phil Tead envisioned Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Phil Tead after performed as Mr. Wiggins - Postman.

Phil Tead's salary of participating within Wiretapper is $24.2K .

It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Phil Tead.

Wiretapper STORY

Jin Vaus, Jr., U.S. Army electronics expert, is sentenced to a stockade term for unauthorized use of government equipment. He keeps it a secret from his fiancée, Alice, and pretends he has been overseas when he is discharged, and they are married.. He opens an electrical engineering company and becomes involved with a gangster mob headed by Charles Rumsden. She begs him to quit but he is useful to the crooks, discovering wiretaps, setting up alarm systems and even saving a hoodlum's life by disconnecting a time bomb. Gang-member Tony urges Jim to invent a device that could tap lines carrying race results and delay them so they could make some big money on post-race betting. After Tony is killed by a fellow mobster, Alice persuades Jim to attend a tent meeting held by evangelist Billy Graham. Graham's sermon and words so inspire Jim that he gives up his criminal activities.

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