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Nick is a fictional character from the movie "Echt blond". Nick is played by Steve Buscemi. Nick is Comedy, Drama, Romance character of the movie Echt blond. Nick has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " Echt blond".
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August 28, 2022

Nick In "Echt blond"

Nick is a fictional man or woman from the movies, Echt blond. Nick is played with the aid of Steve Buscemi.

Steve Buscemi Net Worth as Nick

Steve Buscemi predicted Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Steve Buscemi after played as Nick.

Steve Buscemi's salary of collaborating in Echt blond is $56.8K .

It is an approximate forecast of how wealthy is Steve Buscemi.

Echt blond STORY

Joe and Mary have been living together in Manhattan for six years. Joe is an actor, who has no agent and no thesping credits, but whose ambitions are very high. He works as a waiter at a cafe. Mary works as a make-up stylist for hot fashion photographer Blair, and she pays most of the pair's bills. Joe finally lowers his standards and accepts a degrading bit in a Madonna video, while his friend and co-waiter Bob gets a high-paying job on a soap opera opposite siren Kelly.

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