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Penny Reed is a fictional character from the movie "Tarzan's Revenge". Penny Reed is played by Hedda Hopper. Penny Reed is Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance character of the movie Tarzan's Revenge.
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December 13, 2021

Penny Reed In "Tarzan's Revenge"

Penny Reed is a fictional character from the movies, Tarzan's Revenge. Penny Reed is performed by Hedda Hopper.

What have critics said?

"There are a few laughs, intentional and in any other case, to bolster the amusement fee for adult trade."-- Variety"Morris cavorts capably enough. No different Tarzan movie had the Ape Man off display screen for longer stretches, however."-- Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide

Is this to be had on DVD?

No main distributor has released it, however numerous small groups have. This movie appears to be inside the public area, this means that any distributor can legally sell copies with out paying royalties. Beware. Some small vendors market copies of public domain movies with terrible image and sound. Others are extra official and supply good transfers of the fine available prints. Shop around.You can start your seek here at

Can I watch this movie online?

Watch Tarzan's Revenge (1938) here

Hedda Hopper Net Worth as Penny Reed

Hedda Hopper envisioned Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Hedda Hopper after played as Penny Reed.

Hedda Hopper's salary of collaborating within Tarzan's Revenge is $73.3K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is Hedda Hopper.

Tarzan's Revenge STORY

In Africa to collect specimens for zoos Roger and Penny Reed, their daughter Eleanor and her fiancé Nevin Potter are led by the corrupt guide Olaf Punch who is in the pay of the local ruler Ben Alleu Bey. Tarzan rescues Eleanor when she becomes trapped in a mud pit. No one will believe her story of a white man who came to her rescue however. When a lioness tries to free her captured cubs, Tarzan is again forced to save Eleanor and then also frees the animals that have so far been captured. Punch has been payed to deliver Eleanor to Ben Alleu Bey to get the girl for him and when she is taken captive by tribesmen loyal to Alleu Bey, Tarzan has to save her one last time.