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Pinocchio is a fictional character from the movie "Pinocchio". Pinocchio is played by Gregory Mann. Pinocchio is Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical character of the movie Pinocchio.
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March 06, 2022

Pinocchio In "Pinocchio"

Pinocchio is a fictional man or woman from the movies, Pinocchio. Pinocchio is performed through Gregory Mann.

Gregory Mann Net Worth as Pinocchio

Gregory Mann predicted Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Gregory Mann after played as Pinocchio.

Gregory Mann's salary of participating in Pinocchio is $43.7K .

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Pinocchio STORY

A dark, twisted retelling of the famous Carlo Collodi fairy tale about the wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. When Pinocchio comes to life, he turns out not to be that nice of a boy, creating mischief and playing mean tricks. He eventually learns a few lessons.

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