Sam Wheat

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Sam Wheat is a fictional character from the movie "Der Babynator". Sam Wheat is played by Patrick Swayze. Sam Wheat is Action, Comedy, Drama, Family character of the movie Der Babynator.
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September 14, 2021

Sam Wheat In "Der Babynator"

Sam Wheat is a fictional individual from the films, Der Babynator. Sam Wheat is played by means of Patrick Swayze.

What took place to the kids's father? And does Shane end up their stepfather?

He was shot by means of Shane's enemies, and they assaulted the rescue helicopter pilot. Shane changed into fortunate to continue to exist although. But it is extraordinarily not likely he became the youngsters stepfather because he seemed to be beginning a relationship with the high faculty predominant, Claire Fletcher.

What are the differences among the British BBFC PG model and the uncut model?

In order to obtain the PG score within Britain, the word "spaz" has been replaced by means of "jerk" in one sentence.

Patrick Swayze Net Worth as Sam Wheat

Patrick Swayze estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Patrick Swayze after played as Sam Wheat.

Patrick Swayze's net worth of collaborating in Der Babynator is $77.4K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way wealthy is Patrick Swayze.

Der Babynator STORY

After a Navy SEAL fails to rescue a scientist who developed a top secret device, he is assigned to guard the man's children while searching for information on where the device may be hidden inside the house. Along the way, he must cope with rebellious teens, child care, an overbearing school official, and foreign spies also looking for it.