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Scamper is a fictional character from the movie "Igor". Scamper is played by Steve Buscemi. Scamper is Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy character of the movie Igor.
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March 07, 2022

Scamper In "Igor"

Scamper is a fictional man or woman from the movies, Igor. Scamper is played by means of Steve Buscemi.

Is "Igor" primarily based on a e-book?

Igor is a computer-animated comedy written by Chris McKenna, who also has written the scripts for numerous episodes of the tv series 'American Dad! (2005)' (2005).

Who is "Igor"?

This is from the legitimate website: A doubtlessly talented and terrific scientist, Igor became born with a slump on his again which, in Malaria, leaves him handiest one desire within lifestyles—to become an Igor. The individual fits the stereotype of the traditional droop-subsidized assistant running inside the laboratory of a mad scientist.

Was Tim Burton concerned inside the making of "Igor"?

Although a few viewers say that Igor has a Nightmare Before Christmas look approximately it, Tim Burton isn't always indexed inside the credits and, seemingly, had no component in the making of the movie.

Steve Buscemi Net Worth as Scamper

Steve Buscemi anticipated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Steve Buscemi after performed as Scamper.

Steve Buscemi's revenue of participating within Igor is $33.2K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is Steve Buscemi.


In a world filled with Mad Scientists and Evil Inventions, one talented evil scientist's hunch-backed lab assistant has big dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist himself and winning the annual Evil Science Fair.

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