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Sculptor is a fictional character from the movie "Meine himmlische Verlobte". Sculptor is played by Stephen Root. Sculptor is Comedy, Fantasy, Romance character of the movie Meine himmlische Verlobte.
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August 14, 2022

Sculptor In "Meine himmlische Verlobte"

Sculptor is a fictional man or woman from the films, Meine himmlische Verlobte. Sculptor is performed through Stephen Root.

What is the music in the trailer?

The song from the final half of the trailer is "Don't Make Me Wait," with the aid of Locksley. It is the name music off in their 2006 album.

Stephen Root Net Worth as Sculptor

Stephen Root estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Stephen Root after performed as Sculptor.

Stephen Root's revenue of taking part in Meine himmlische Verlobte is $67.7K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way wealthy is Stephen Root.

Meine himmlische Verlobte STORY

In Los Angeles, Henry is a veterinarian whose fiancée Kate dies in an accident on the day they're to marry. Worried that Henry has closed off his social life, his sister suggests he use a psychic to contact Kate, lay to rest unresolved feelings, and live more fully. He tries it, though he doesn't believe in it. Nothing happens, so his sister gives Ashley, the psychic, Kate's diary. Now she's able to convince Henry she's in contact with Kate and start the therapy. Two things happen: they find themselves attracted to each other, and Kate's ghost, who also has some unresolved issues, returns to stop this budding romance.

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