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Stella is a fictional character from the movie "Sterben und erben". Stella is played by Helen Mirren. Stella is Comedy, Drama character of the movie Sterben und erben. Stella has appeared in 1 episodes of the series " Sterben und erben".
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October 24, 2022

Stella In "Sterben und erben"

Stella is a fictional character from the movies, Sterben und erben. Stella is played via Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren Net Worth as Stella

Helen Mirren expected Net Worth, Salary, Income. How rich is Helen Mirren after played as Stella.

Helen Mirren's net worth of taking part within Sterben und erben is $44.8K .

It is an approximate forecast of the way rich is Helen Mirren.

Sterben und erben STORY

Dr. Werner Ernst (James Spader) is a young hospital resident who becomes embroiled in a legal battle between two half-sisters who are fighting over the care of their comatose father. But are they really fighting over their father's care, or over his ten million dollar estate? Meanwhile, Werner must contend with his nutty supervisor, who insists that he only care for patients with full insurance. Can Werner sidestep the hospital's legal team and do what's best for the patient?

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