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The Mother is a fictional character from the movie "Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3". The Mother is played by Anna Berger. The Mother is Action, Crime, Thriller character of the movie Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3.
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The Mother In "Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3"

The Mother is a fictional individual from the films, Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3. The Mother is performed via Anna Berger.

Why are the passengers especially unique inside the credit however no longer inside the film itself?

Originally a few hoods come onto the educate and harrass the passengers, revealing information about who's making up this random sampling of riders. They especially abuse a homosexual guy, which was now not a traditional individual type previous to this era that also gave us Dog Day Afternoon. When I rented it later from Blockbuster that section turned into long gone. Back then, Blockbuster's size could pressure distributers to censor movies to get moneymaking PG-13 scores for families, eg, no gays on subways.

What is 'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three' approximately?

Four men, who go best by means of the names Mr Blue (Robert Shaw), Mr Green (Martin Balsam), Mr Gray (Hector Elizondo), and Mr Brown (Earl Hindman), hijack New York City's Pelham 1:23 subway train, take 17 passengers plus the conductor as hostages, and demand $1 million dollars within ransom, and they want it within precisely one hour or they will execute one hostage every minute that the cash is past due. Lt Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau) of the NYC Transit Police have to negotiate with the hijackers, take care of City Hall red tape, and try and discover the hijackers and discern out how they intend to escape, due to the fact that they're in a tunnel surrounded on all sides via police.

Is "The Taking of Pelham" based totally on a ebook?

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (aka The Taking of Pelham 123) is based totally at the 1973 novel (same name) via American author Morton Freedgood, writing below the pen call of John Godey. The novel become tailored for the movie with the aid of American screenwriter Peter Stone. There have because been remakes: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1998) (a tv launch) and The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009).

What does "Pelham 1 2 3" mean?

"Pelham" refers to a nearby Manhattan teach that departs from Pelham Bay Park. The 1-2-3 refers back to the time that it leaves: 1:23.

What is the lifeless guy feature?

The useless guy function is a device constructed into the train that calls for a motorman's hand to be pressing the throttle always. If it's launched, the train stops cold.

How do the government react?

In order to assure the protection of the hostages, the mayor (Lee Wallace) agrees to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, it took them almost a 1/2 hour to come back to that selection. Now they've got handiest 30 minutes to get and deliver the million bucks.

How does the film cease?

Once the cash is of their arms, the hijackers start up the teach, having found a way to circumvent the lifeless guy characteristic. They get off the educate and back down via the tunnel even as the teach goes ahead, selecting up pace until the passengers turn out to be alarmed and comprehend that nobody is riding the educate. On a stoop, Lt Garber and Inspector Daniels (Julius Harris) back down to the seventeenth Street station wherein the train made a brief stop (it's in which the hijackers were given off). Meanwhile, the educate has tripped a purple mild and stopped at the South Ferry Loop, and all of the passengers are secure. Mr Blue has shot and killed Mr Gray for refusing to relinquish his gun, Mr Green has exited the subway together with his percentage of the money, and a plain garments policeman, who changed into a number of the hostages and controlled to get off the educate, has shot and killed Mr Brown and been shot by means of Mr Blue. Just as Mr Blue is ready to complete off the policeman, Garber suggests up and pulls a gun on Mr Blue. Realizing that he is been stuck and mastering that New York does not execute criminals, Mr Blue steps on the hot rail and electrocutes himself. Three hijackers accounted for, however who's the fourth? Armed with a listing of nine ex-motormen, one of whom should possibly be the fourth hijacker, Garber and Lt Patrone (Jerry Stiller) visit every man on the list, checking their alibis. Harold (Mr Green) Longman's alibi sounds a chunk shaky ("i was here sleeping until an hour in the past"), and Garber and Patrone are approximately to leave whilst Longman abruptly sneezes, and Garber answers "Gesundheit", simply as he did numerous times earlier while he heard Mr Green sneezing over the radio.

Anna Berger Net Worth as The Mother

Anna Berger anticipated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Anna Berger after performed as The Mother.

Anna Berger's revenue of taking part within Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3 is $43.4K .

It is an approximate forecast of ways wealthy is Anna Berger.

Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 1-2-3 STORY

Four seemingly-unrelated men board subway train Pelham 1:23 at successive stations. Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Mr. Grey and Mr. Brown are heavily armed and overpower the motorman and novice conductor to take control of the train. Between stations they separate the front car from the remainder of the train, setting passengers in the back cars and the motorman free. The four demand $1 million ransom within exactly one hour for the remaining eighteen hostages, including the conductor. If their demands are not met in time or their directions are not followed precisely, they will begin to shoot hostages dead, one every minute the money is late. Wisecracking Lt. Zach Garber of the transit police ends up being the primary communicator between the hijackers and the authorities, which includes transit operations, his own police force, the NYPD, and the unpopular and currently flu ridden mayor who will make the ultimate decision of whether to pay the ransom. Unknown to Garber, what may be working on their side is the disparate nature of the four hijackers, including methodical and unbending Blue, trigger happy Grey, and also under the weather Green, who may pass out before the caper has concluded. What Garber does know is that there is a plain clothes NYPD officer among the eighteen hostages. What Garber has to try and figure out is how the four hijackers can possibly get away, as they are in a tunnel and have to remain with the train since it has a dead-man mechanism which requires a motorman at the controls at all times.

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