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Tricia Poe is a fictional character from the movie "Con Air". Tricia Poe is played by Monica Potter. Tricia Poe is Action, Crime, Thriller character of the movie Con Air.
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September 06, 2021

Tricia Poe In "Con Air"

Tricia Poe is a fictional character from the films, Con Air. Tricia Poe is performed by means of Monica Potter.

How did Cameron get any such harsh sentence for self-protection?

During the fight, Billy-Joe pulls a transfer-blade on Cameron. Cameron responds by using striking Billy-Joe in the nose, causing him to die from blunt-pressure trauma to the top. When Billy-Joe's buddies flee the scene, one among them grabs the transfer-blade off the ground. Therefore creating a self-defence case hard to show. As the handiest witness Cameron had changed into his wife Trisha or even she ran off to get Dale the bartender before Billy-Joe pulled the knife, therefore she failed to witness what passed off.During his trial, Cameron refused to plead responsible. However, his lawyer offers him terrible recommendation, pointing out that he risked getting 10 years if the case went to trial and he misplaced. But by way of admitting to it, he'd most effective get 4 years and serve maybe a year for exact behaviour. For something purpose, this wasn't a plea deal, but lawyer's recommendation. So when he plead guilty, the decide seemingly determined to make an example out of Cameron, believing that Cameron, being a former Army Ranger failed to assume the regular policies of society implemented to him and that he is trained to respond with lethal pressure, therefore making him a danger to society and therefore gave him a sentence of 7-10 years.EDIT: There's also the truth that Cameron without difficulty should have gotten inside the car and driven away however as a substitute he picked up to have interaction Billy-Joe

Monica Potter Net Worth as Tricia Poe

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Cameron Poe, a highly decorated Army Ranger, comes home to Alabama to his wife Tricia, only to run into a few drunken regulars at the bar where she works. Cameron accidentally kills one of the drunks, and is sent to a federal penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter for seven years. He becomes eligible for parole and can now go home to his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, Cameron has to share a prison airplane with some of the country's most dangerous criminals, who take control of the plane and are now planning to escape the country. Cameron has to find a way to stop them while playing along. Meanwhile, United States Marshal Vince Larkin is trying to help Cameron get free and stop the criminals, led by Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom.

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