Un Poliziotto

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Un poliziotto is a fictional character from the movie "Keine Rosen für OSS 117". Un poliziotto is played by Emilio Messina. Un poliziotto is Action, Drama, Thriller character of the movie Keine Rosen für OSS 117.
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November 30, 2021

Un poliziotto In "Keine Rosen für OSS 117"

Un poliziotto is a fictional individual from the films, Keine Rosen für OSS 117. Un poliziotto is performed with the aid of Emilio Messina.

Emilio Messina Net Worth as Un poliziotto

Emilio Messina anticipated Net Worth, Salary, Income. How wealthy is Emilio Messina after performed as Un poliziotto.

Emilio Messina's salary of participating within Keine Rosen für OSS 117 is $32.3K .

It is an approximate forecast of how wealthy is Emilio Messina.

Keine Rosen für OSS 117 STORY

The American Secret Service sends their best agent, OSS 117, to investigate a number of political murders that the police were not able to prevent. Disguised as a ruthless killer, 'William Chandler', OSS 117 will penetrate the terrorist organization just when it is preparing the murder of Heindrich Van Dyck, the UN delegate to the Middle-East peace process. 117 will use a fake killing of Van Dyck, and substitute corpses, trying to dupe the criminal master mind, Dr. Saadi. Only, the Major is too clever, abducts Aicha, and 117 must fight both for his life (as he must take a daily antidote for a drug he was injected with), Aicha's endangered life, and passing the information of the whereabouts of the terrorists headquarters to the Army before it's too late... Too much for OSS 117?