Blues Brothers - Movie


After the release of Jake Blues from prison, he and brother Elwood go to visit "The Penguin", the last of the nuns who raised them in an orphanage. They learn the Archdiocese will stop supporting the school and will sell the place to the Education Authority. The only way to keep the place open is if the $5000 tax on the property is paid within 11 days. The Blues Brothers want to help, and decide to put their blues band back together and raise the money by staging a big gig. As they set off on their "mission from God" they seem to make more enemies along the way. Will they manage to come up with the money in time?

Will Woldenberg as


Walter Levine as

Prison Guard

Joliet Jake - Blues Brothers Character
John Belushi as

Joliet Jake

Elwood - Blues Brothers Character
Dan Aykroyd as


Sister Mary Stigmata - Blues Brothers Character
Kathleen Freeman as

Sister Mary Stigmata

Cab Calloway as


Donald Dunn as

Donald 'Duck' Dunn

Alonzo Atkins as


Chaka Khan as

Choir Soloist

Southern California Community Choir as


Armand Cerami as

Trooper Daniel

Steven Williams as

Trooper Mount

Stephen Bishop as

Charming Trooper

Carrie Fisher as

Mystery Woman

John Landis as

Trooper La Fong

Kristi Oleson as

Sales Girl

Gary McLarty as

Man in Toy Store

Joe Cuttone as


Layne Britton as

The Cheese Whiz

John Candy as

Burton Mercer

Toni Fleming as

Mrs. Tarantino

Murphy Dunne as


Tom Malone as

'Bones' Malone

Rosie Shuster as

Cocktail Waitress

Alan Rubin as

Mr. Fabulous

George Simmons as


Ben Piazza as


Gwen Banta as


Lari Taylor as

Daughter #1

Cindy Fisher as

Daughter #2

Elizabeth Hoy as

Daughter #3

Tony M. Conde as


Henry Gibson as

Head Nazi

Eugene J. Anthony as


Gene Schuldt as


Charles Mountain as


John Lee Hooker as

Street Slim

Walter Horton as

Tampa Pete

Pinetop Perkins as

Luther Jackson

Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith as


Luther 'Guitar Jr.' Johnson as


Calvin 'Fuzz' Jones as


Aretha Franklin as

Soul Food Cafe Owner

Lou Marini as

'Blue' Lou Marini

Matt Murphy as

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

Margaret Branch as

Soul Food Chorus

Ray Charles as


De'voreaux White as

Young Guitar Thief

Sheilah Wells as


Jeff Morris as


Philip Bartlett as

Man at Bar

Stan Mazin as

Drunk Dancer

Charles Napier as

Tucker McElroy

Gil Pearson as

The Good Ole Boys

Steve Lawrence as

Maury Sline

Butch Williams as


Wally Engelhardt as

Gas Station Owner

Twiggy as

Chic Lady

Michael Klenfner as

Clarion Records' President

Ralph Foody as

Police Dispatcher

Leonard R. Garner Jr. as

Lobby Guard #1

Andrew Goodman as

Lobby Guard #2

Eddy Donno as

SWAT Team Commander

Joe Walsh as


Paul Butler as

Elwood's Boss

David Daniel as

Bar Patron

Cynthia Kinman as

Woman in Concert Crowd

Michael DeBartolo as

Police Officer

James DuMont as

Kid Dancing in Street

Tony Farella as

National Guardsman

Ryan Folsey as

Kid Throwing Frisbee

Vicki Petite as

Concert Guest

Gary Greene as

Redneck Bar Patron

James Huffman as

Kid at Parade

Kevin Huotari as

SWAT Team Officer

D'Janine King-Lasky as

Concert Spectator

Norman Matlock as

Police Commissioner

Richard Morava as

Concert Crowd

Sam Nickens as

Diner Patron

Joni Palmer as


Dan Pattarson as


Bruce Pobanz as


John Ring as

Fire Commissioner

Paul Swearingen as


Bill Telfer as