Hollywood Adventures - Movie


A young man goes from China to Hollywood on short notice to find his girlfriend. He ends up connected with two others in his quest, which gets much more complicated than he envisioned.

Abdou Sagna as

French Spy 2

Wei Zhao as

Zhao Weiwei

Xiaoming Huang as

He Yuming

Dawei Tong as

Fang Dawei

Sarah Yan Li as

Zhang Yan

Sung Kang as


Stephen Tobolowsky as

Wronald Wright

Rhys Coiro as

Gary Buesheimer

Liu Tong as

TV Host #1

Sli Lewis as


Victor Lopez as


James Patrick Stuart as

Agent Fox

Roger Fan as

Agent Li

Omar J. Dorsey as

Homeland Sec Agent

Simon Helberg as

Harvey Millsap

Robert Patrick as

Studio Guard #1

Lyndall Grant as

Studio Guard #2

Sara Tomko as


Missi Pyle as

Casting Director

Parvesh Cheena as

Casting Assistant

Brian Thomas Smith as


Frank Drank as


Lorin McCraley as


Jonathan Bray as

Assistant Director

Daved Wilkins as

Special FX Supervisor

Rick Chambers as


Abby Walker as

Kelly Ashley

Mike Rylander as

TV Host #2

Rick Fox as

Rick Fox

Kat Dennings as

Kat Dennings

Tyrese Gibson as

Tyrese Gibson

Kevin M. Brennan as

Bumpkin Band Singer

Chris Marrs as

Arresting Officer

Daxing Zhang as

Limo Driver

Chick Bernhard as

Mr. Petrovitch

Sandra Lee Gimpel as

Mrs. Petrovitch

Thomas DuPont as

Mr. Covington

Bridgett Riley as

Mrs. Covington

Crystal Santos as

Monica Garcia

Antony Matos as

Parvesh Abdul

Shan Tian as

Old Lady

Jie Gao as

Buff Guy

Yize Zhan as


Shanshan Jian as


Brittany Black as


Liz Burnette as

Pool Boy

Haosong Yang as


Samantha Abrantes as


David Aranovich as


Raquel Yasmin as

Pink Party Goer

Jennifer Kathreen Larson as

Pink Party Model

Alberto D'Fonseca as

Party Goer

Paul Edney as

Redneck Biker

Dirk Ellis as

Golden Statue Cupid

Iliana Fischer as

Actress at Audition

Thomas Fowler as

Elevator Bob

Patrick Weil as


Niklas Houmann as

Camera Operator

Natasha Kojic as

Model Party Goer

Kelly Kovacs as

Pink Party Waitress

Eva La Dare as

Pink Party Fire Girl

Tara Macken as

Hot Girl #1

Rebecca Olejniczak as


Heather Palmer as

Hot Model #2

Richie Parker as

Police Officer

Natalija Ugrina as

Hot Model

Alicia Vela-Bailey as

Hot Girl #2

Phillip E. Walker as

Red Carpet Fan

Lauren White as

Pink Party Guest