Jurassic World - Movie


Twenty-two years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park, also known as Jurassic World, is open for business. After years of studying genetics, the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur, the Indominus Rex. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?

Owen - Jurassic World Character
Chris Pratt as


Claire - Jurassic World Character
Bryce Dallas Howard as


Masrani - Jurassic World Character
Irrfan Khan as


Hoskins - Jurassic World Character
Vincent D'Onofrio as


Ty Simpkins as


Nick Robinson as


Jake Johnson as


Omar Sy as


BD Wong as

Dr. Henry Wu

Judy Greer as


Lauren Lapkus as


Brian Tee as


Katie McGrath as


Andy Buckley as


Eric Edelstein as

Paddock Supervisor

Courtney James Clark as

Mosasaurus Announcer

Colby Boothman as

Young Raptor Handler

Jimmy Fallon as

Jimmy Fallon

James DuMont as

Hal Osterly

Matt Burke as

Jim Drucker

Anna Talakkottur as

Erica Brand

Matty Cardarople as

Gyrosphere Operator

James Michael Smith as

InGen Contractor

Benjamin Wood as

Park Ranger

Kelly Washington as

Zach's Girlfriend

Patrick Crowley as

Flight Instructor

Michael John Smith as

InGen Soldier

Gary Weeks as

Father of Three

Bill Ogilvie as

Spanish Parkgoer

Allan Tam as

Chinese Parkgoer

Yvonne Nunez-Angulo as

Italian Mother

Chloe Perrin as

Italian Girl

Paul Darnell as

ACU Trooper

Kevin Foster as

ACU Gunner

Silvia Moore as

Park Announcer

Colin Trevorrow as


Jesse Yarborough as

Park Visitor

Emily Lyman as

Park Guide

Jerome Andries as

InGen Military

Megan Rebelo as


Jency Allison Weeks as

Upscale Park Visitor

Robbie General Lee as


Stephen Wise as

Injured Park Employee

Fileena Bahris as


Shereen Balles as

Resort Manager

John R. Bennett II as

Security Officer

Tom Bui as


Anthony J Sacco as

Park Goer

Svitlana Campbell as

Trapped Hotel Guest

Ross Carter as

Wedding Guest

Scot Smith as

Airport Traveler

Heather Ashley Chase as

Emily - Petting Zoo Staff

Joseph Fischer as

Park Staff

Nelson Colburn as

Park Security Guard

Judyth Daley as

Running Girl

Natalie Daniels as

Wealthy Park Goer

Nick De Semlyen as


Edward J. Delmore III as

Scott's Attorney

Douglas Lacey as

Upscale Visitor

Jessica Nicole Dickerson as

Teenage Girl

M. Elizabeth Dickerson as

Monorail Passenger

Steven I. Dillard as

Wounded Hotel Guest

Sanethia Dresch as

Park Guide (T-Rex Exhibit)

Divine Prince Ty Emmecca as

Park Visitor African Dignitary

Hailey Farah as

Hotel Guest

Anthony Feliciano as

Staff Worker

Eddie J. Fernandez as

Paddock Worker

Christopher Heskey as

Ingen Military

Jaden Francis as

Lab visitor

Doug Gagnon as

Monorail Rider

Nicholas Leiting as

Park Security

Channing Guidry as

Park visitor

Josh Gunderson as

Ride Operator

Jennifer Rikert Wolski as


Leighton Hara as

Upscale Tourist

Bob Walker as

Park Guest

William E. Harris as

Genetic Scientist

Elton Hartzler as

Kiosk Operator

Brandon Marc Higa as

Petting Zoo Staff

Ken Knight as

Relief Worker

Abraham Hsu as

Control Room Worker

Bret Dallas Johnson as

InGen Scientist

Ryan Matthew Johnson as


Tamika Shanell Johnson as

Wealthy Traveler

Susan Mathewson as

Theme Park Visitor

Brent Kappel as

Dr. Ryan Crest

Billy Smith as

Security Guard

Christian LaBella as


Justin Lacalamita as


Rhonda Laizer as

Upscale Park Guest

Paul S.W. Lee as

Background Park Visitor

Justin Mane as


John R Mangus as

Jurassic World Ranger

Tracy B. Mann as


Starla Marie as

InGen Security Guard

Hayes Markham as


LJ McDonald as

Raptor Dancer

Claire McReynolds as

Blonde Girl in Airport

Rana Morrison as


Moses Munoz as


Steven M. Murdzia as

Ferry Passenger

Mark White as

Park Vistor

Arlene Newman-Van Asperen as

Mom with Baby

Johnny Otto as


Darla Pelton-Perez as

Park Visitor & Park Evacuee

Joshua Probus as

Park Kid

Zachary Probus as

Teen Park Visitor

Alan D. Purwin as

Helicopter Pilot

Neal Radia as


Jacob Revere as

Park Participant

Emilio Reynoso as

Doctor Sanchez

Brandon Richardson as


Jake Uriah Rupp as

Monorail Tourist

Dalton Russell as

Injured Park Visitor

Christopher Scott as

Pteranodon Runner

Kerry Sims as

Ingen Soldier

Bomber Hurley Smith as


Thomas Ryan Smith as

Star Bucks Employee

Chris Sprister as


David Stickler as


Seannon Stracener as

Theme Park Tenant

Joshua Nylan Tanner as

Control Room Programmer

Erik Thirsk as

Ferry Boat Staff

Donnell Jewell Williams as

Construction Worker

Nico Woulard as

Cooper - ACU Trooper

Marn Zeeb as

Base Commander