Kong: Skull Island - Movie


A washed up monster chaser convinces the U.S. Government to fund a trip to an unexplored island in the South Pacific. Under the guise of geological research, the team travels to "Skull Island". Upon arrival, the group discover that their mission may be complicated by the wildlife which inhabits the island. The beautiful vistas and deadly creatures create a visually stunning experience that is sure to keep your attention.

James Conrad - Kong: Skull Island Character
Tom Hiddleston as

James Conrad

Preston Packard - Kong: Skull Island Character
Samuel L. Jackson as

Preston Packard

Mason Weaver - Kong: Skull Island Character
Brie Larson as

Mason Weaver

Hank Marlow - Kong: Skull Island Character
John C. Reilly as

Hank Marlow

Bill Randa - Kong: Skull Island Character
John Goodman as

Bill Randa

Houston Brooks - Kong: Skull Island Character
Corey Hawkins as

Houston Brooks

Victor Nieves - Kong: Skull Island Character
John Ortiz as

Victor Nieves

San - Kong: Skull Island Character
Tian Jing as


Kong - Kong: Skull Island Character
Terry Notary as


Jason Mitchell as


Shea Whigham as


Thomas Mann as


Eugene Cordero as


Marc Evan Jackson as

Landsat Steve

Will Brittain as

Marlow's Son

Miyavi as

Gunpei Ikari

Richard Jenkins as

Sen. Willis

Allyn Rachel as

Secretary O'Brien

Robert Taylor as

Athena Captain

James M. Connor as

Gen. Ward

Thomas Middleditch as


Brady Novak as

Base Guard

Peter Karinen as

Chinook Pilot

Brian Sacca as

Chinook Co-Pilot

Joshua Funk as

Seismic Soldier

Glenn 'Kiwi' Hall as

Boat Captain

Simon Durrell as

Crew Chief

Shannon Brimelow as

Kamikaze Pilot

Jon Quested as

Dead Pilot

Korey Williams as

Sunglasses Pilot

Dat Phan as

Bar Thug

Cynthy Wu as

Thug's Girlfriend

Beth Kennedy as

Marlow's Wife

Bryan Chojnowski as

Chicago Taxi Driver

Emmy Agustin as


Keisuke Akizawa as

Male Tribe Member

Nick Robinson as

Bar Guest

Nathan Hedger as

Landsat Technician

Miguel A. Baez Jr. as


Sharon M. Bell as

Chinatown Vendor

Lexy Bernardo as

Iwi Tribe Member

Raj K. Bose as

Gambling Den Patron

Alexander Canton as


Matthew A. Chapman as

Sky Devils Pilot

Theo Coumbis as


Javier Diaz as

Huey Pilot

Frederick Falk as

Riot Police

James Edward Flynn as

Sgt. Dren

Paul Riley Fox as

RTO Soldier

Dan Gruenberg as


Paul S.W. Lee as


Michael C Hollandsworth as


Nicole Hunt as

Gala Guest

Hunter Skeen as


Rachel Joseph as


Cale Kampers as

Sky Devil

Kevin Kent as

Landsat Team

Alona Leoine as

Island Girl

Alex Leontev as


Jamie A. Marchetti as

Athena Deckhand

Norman Martinez as

Helicopter Mechanic

David James Sikkink as

Gala Attendee

Shawn McBride as

Shop Owner

Doris McHunt as


Salvatore Merenda as

Bridge Crew

James Quach as


Toshiko Onizawa as

Waitress at Saigon Bar

Jerald M.S. Pang as

VW Bus Flatbed Driver

Scott Wallace as

Sky Devil Pilot

James Joseph Pulido as


Jordan James Reyes as

Man In Suit

Martin Reyes as

IWI Warrior

Scott M. Schewe as

Gala Press

John A Weaver as


Peter Thurnwald as

Iwi Prince

Rafael Torrijos as


Andreys Varela as

ND Soldier

Christopher F. Walker as

Helicopter Pilot (LT. Saunders)