Master & Commander: Bis Ans Ende Der Welt - Movie


In April 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars, H.M.S. Surprise, a British frigate, is under the command of Captain Jack Aubrey. Aubrey and the Surprise's current orders are to track and capture or destroy a French privateer named Acheron. The Acheron is currently in the Atlantic off South America headed toward the Pacific in order to extend Napoleon's reach of the wars. This task will be a difficult one as Aubrey quickly learns in an initial battle with the Acheron that it is a bigger and faster ship than the Surprise, which puts the Surprise at a disadvantage. Aubrey's single-mindedness in this seemingly impossible pursuit puts him at odds with the Surprise's doctor and naturalist, Stephen Maturin, who is also Aubrey's most trusted advisor on board and closest friend. Facing other internal obstacles which have resulted in what they consider a string of bad luck, Aubrey ultimately uses Maturin's scientific exploits to figure out a way to achieve his and the ship's seemingly impossible goal.

Capt. Jack Aubrey - Master & Commander: Bis ans Ende der Welt Character
Russell Crowe as

Capt. Jack Aubrey

James D'Arcy as

1st Lt. Tom Pullings

Edward Woodall as

2nd Lt. William Mowett

Jack Randall as

Boyle, Midshipman

Max Benitz as

Calamy, Midshipman

Lee Ingleby as

Hollom, Midshipman

Richard Pates as

Williamson, Midshipman

Robert Pugh as

Mr. Allen, Master

Tony Dolan as

Mr. Lamb, Carpenter

William Mannering as

Faster Doudle, Able Seaman

Patrick Gallagher as

Awkward Davies, Able Seaman

Mark Lewis Jones as

Mr. Hogg, Whaler

John DeSantis as

Padeen, Loblolly Boy

Thierry Segall as

French Captain